Storage Allocations at NSCEE

From NSIwiki

There are two types of storage allocations normally available on NSCEE resources: home and bulk storage directories.

Each account on each cluster will have a fixed 100Gb (cherry-creek only) or 10Gb (eureka cluster) home directory allocation. These home directories are separate for each cluster. Home directories are intended to provide a stable area for storing system files and small user files. It will always be referenced as /home/$USER.

If you need larger disk storage allocations, NSCEE will create a bulk storage area for you. This is normally shared between the clusters and is available on all of the compute nodes. It will always be referenced as /storage/$NAME (where $NAME will be assigned by NSCEE). NOTE: /storage areas are not backed-up by NSCEE. Each user is responsible for maintaining copies of files stored in /storage