What not to do

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What not to do when accessing eureka/yucca

Just because you may be able to something on the cluster, doesn't mean that you should do it. Please be careful to not impact other users. Allocate only the resources that you need to get your work done. The head node should be used only to prepare (i.e. compile) and schedule jobs to run on the compute nodes.

The following will bring you to the system administrator's attention (among others):

  • Do not run long running programs directly on the head node. The head node is reserved for program compilation, SMALL test runs, and submitting jobs to the queues.
  • Do not login directly to compute nodes without prior approval. Unless you have obtained prior approval, all jobs must be submitted using the qsub and related commands.
  • The compute nodes are reserved for running scheduled jobs, they should not be used to compile programs or other non-compute oriented tasks.
  • Do not remain logged in and idle for long periods of time to the head node. You can have the batch submission system notify you by email when your job begins, terminates, or has another type of status change.