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What to do to get access to eureka

In order to access to the eureka cluster, all users must:

  • Fill out the new user account request form (NSCEE New user form). Make sure to include on the form that you need access to eureka.
  • Schedule an orientation meeting. Before accounts will be issued, all users must meet with NSCEE technical staff in an informal orientation to discuss the user's computing needs and how to use the cluster to work on solving them. To arrange for an orientation, send email to: ron.young@nscee.edu.
  • By using NSCEE resources, you agree to allow NSCEE to link to a web page that describes your research project.
  • If your project requires significant time from NSCEE's technical staff (i.e. program development, analysis, etc), then NSCEE must be given second author on any publications/presentations. Note: this does not include routine system administration tasks, just support activities specific to your project.
  • You must include an acknowledgement for using NSCEE resources on any publications and/or presentations.
  • Access to the cluster by unfunded projects is on an as-available basis, and jobs may be limited or delayed if required by higher priority jobs.
  • If your unfunded resource requirements exceed your account allocation, you may need to receive approval from the NSCEE Director for any increases.